Woman in Civil Construction meet to consider the future of their industry

Tuesday 21 May 2013

May 2013 - 50 women representing the diversity of professions and vocations within the civil construction industry came together at an event hosted by the Civil Contractors Federation (SA Branch) and sponsored by CSSP, to discuss "The Future of Civil"

The event featured a panel of woman who had distinguished careers associated with the civil construction industry.

Wendy Campana, CEO of the Local Government Association.

Judith Carr, Executive Director, Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure.

Cate Marr, Estimating Manager, Leighton Contractors (winner of the Outstanding Achievement in Construction Award)

Evely Kanaris, Customer Services Manager, Penny Zadow, a member of the Customer Services Team and Peter Knights, Client Manager, represented CSSP at the event which was also supported by a number of Cheops customers.

CSSPs Business Card draw prize was most appreciated by Shona Mossman, Senior Environmental Scientist with FMG