Customer Interview with Stuart Buckby MD of Buckby contracting

Question: How have you found the support regarding CHEOPS?
Answer: After sales support is brilliant. The hotline is also excellent, not what you normally suspect from a hotline. The people on the end of the phone actually know how to solve the problems and they are always fixed promptly with a minimum amount of fuss.
Question: How have you found the system updates? Have they been effective? Have they occurred with minimal disruption?
Answer: Absolutely, no issues whatsoever. Easily installed in house after business hours without incident.
Question: Is CHEOPS an effective system for your business?
Answer: Cheops is excellent for our business.
Question: Are the reports CHEOPS generates accurate?
Answer: Like anything, they are only as accurate as the info you put in, but we have found the reports excellent and provide the ability to see an overview of specific costings but with the ability to drill down to the finer points if required.
Question: Would you recommend CHEOPS and CSSP?
Answer: Unequivocally YES. They are friendly, professional, thorough, helpful, interested in your business, supportive and on the same wavelength as us.