CHEOPS Job Costing, Financial Management system is used by many Maintenance providers in the Construction industry. Their areas of speciality cover Prisons, Defence, Residential, Commercial and Aged Care maintenance. These areas are usually high volume and low cost and Cheops has the facility to manage this efficiently through our small jobs projects. With this feature it provides the ability to manage the costs without the detailed breakdown required of the more complex construction projects.

CHEOPS is a project cost control system designed to provide effective integrated control over the required contractual and financial accounting requirements in the areas of Project Budget/Job Costing, Materials/Procurement, Sub Contracts, Sub Contractors, Suppliers, Variations, Progress Payments, Labour and Plant Control, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and General Ledger.

These areas are all fully integrated in CHEOPS’s comprehensive financial management module and offer a single integrated solution which is used in many specialist areas.

CHEOPS comes with many standard features users have come to expect from the Leading Industry Standard package with many more features available as options.

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