Allmore Constructions

Allmore Constructions a leading commercial and residential building contractor in Melbourne using Cheops that like CSSP believe in building successful long-term partnerships and meeting and exceeding client’s expectations.

To this end Ken Healey the CFO describes some of the key features that are critical to the Allmore’s business:-

  • "Cost Control - The commercial construction industry is always very competitive. It is critical that Companies fully understand how individual projects are performing against your benchmark margins etc. CHEOPS provides the answer very easily, with up to date actual costs, margin calculation, separate variance reporting for each phase of the project."
  • "The report writer allows tailor made reports to be established, to support the standard reports provided in CHEOPS. This further enhances the critical review of monthly profit & loss reports by the financial team."
  • "CHEOPS allows a layered approach to the information available to various departments within the Company. Project Managers & Contact Administrators can be excluded from all but the basic financial information for their particular project. It is also possible for individual projects to be unavailable to other Project personnel if that is required."
  • Support "We believe support to be a critical component of any software provider. CHEOPS staff are available at short notice to sort out an issue, or even to provide the latest "fact sheet" if that is required. Support staff are well trained in their particular field of expertise, and will always provide an appropriate answer to any query. Finally, any problems that may arise (even outside hours) can be logged online and attended to in a timely manner as required."
  • "Training is provided if required, and is recommended for new staff joining the Company. The knowledge data base is available very readily, if you have the ability to access the online download facility."
  • "Communication is excellent, and you are not left wondering about support matters that you may have listed."
  • "Annual support fees are within normal industry standards for this type of activity."