CheopsWeb – Invoice Scanning

Tuesday 3 January 2017

Are you manually processing Invoices by sending hard copies around the office or to the sites for approval, with the potential for invoices to be mislaid or lost?

Invoice Scanning provides an efficient and cost effective solution to these problems by:

o   Invoices being received electronically to a designated e-mail address, for instance or hard copies received at a central location and scanned.

o   Once the invoices are received by the system, basic details are entered and validated in Cheops

o   The invoice then enters the user defined electronic approvals workflow(s)


Additional Benefits go beyond the initial cost savings by providing:

o   Review and approve invoices via e-mail or WEB

o   Transparency through the whole process / reducing follow-up

o   Where is the invoice?

o   Who approved it?

o   Configurable time based alerts based on contract requirements

o   Matching Invoices to POs

o   Invoices can be viewed via the CFO approval app when authorising payments

o   Consistent and Auditable processes

o   User defined searches by supplier, project ...

o   Handle increased volumes

o   Reduced filing and ongoing storage costs