Cheops Road Show 2013 – Review

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Over 150 of our clients - represented by some 200 attendees - visited us at the events held in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.  It was a mix of CEOs, CFOs, IT Managers and other employees who use Cheops on a daily basis to manage their Job Costing, Contract Administration and Financial Accounting requirements.

The Road Show gave us the opportunity to showcase the exciting new developments we have been working on over the past 12 months, which are now available:

Cheops Business Analytics

This is a pure web application, for the use of the Management team in your firm.  It allows these users to produce role based or individual dashboards easily within Cheops.

Cheops Business Forecasting Module (BFM)

Allows your business to forecast future income and expenditure on both confirmed/current Projects and prospective Projects.

Cheops Project+

A web application that is designed for remote data collection - ideally suited to iPad users or on web browser.  Employees enter timesheet information which allows Supervisors to view, edit and approve. Then imported into Payroll, eliminating double entry.

Cheops Workflow Approvals Module

Provides an electronic approval process for normal day to day processes in Cheops.  Purchase Order and Invoice Approvals are the first released, with others over time.

Cheops Invoice Scanning (Lite) Module

Provides for Creditors’ invoice scanning and electronic approval process.


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